The Faculty of Social Sciences was founded on April 10, 2009. The same year, July 29, the Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Herzegovina-Neretva County / Canton No. 05-03-40-1191-1 / 09 approved the initiation of work and entry into the register of higher education institutions of the Herzegovina-Neretva County. By decision of the Mostar Municipal Court No .: Tt-O-711/09 the Faculty is registered in the court register.

Since 2010, the Faculty has been joined with the Herzegovina University, which has been entered in the court register by the Decision of the Mostar Municipal Court No. Tt-O-940/10.


The founder of the Faculty, prof. Milenko Brkić, PhD, was the first elected Rector of the Herzegovina University. The Faculty is conceived as a meeting place for quality higher education in the social sciences, scientific research and advancement in the profession, as well as an engine for the complete development of education and improvement by the standards of the European Union and other developed countries.

Due to its location, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Dr. Milenko Brkic is conceived as an academic centre available to anyone who wants to complete their knowledge or gain an academic title, from Herzegovina, Bosnia, Dalmatia, and beyond. Meeting with us, we are convinced you will easily recognize our strengths: academic experience and excellence in teaching, as well as the values ​​we appreciate: work, order and trust.

Address: Kraljice Mira 3A, Bijakovići 88266 – Medjugorje,
Tel: + 387 (36) 651-828
+387 (36) 650-355



Ph. D .. Radenko Udovicic, Dean FDZMB

By deciding to continue your education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Milenko Brkic, you are opting for an education that is geared towards training for contemporary change. Social contexts are changing and science and practice are adapting. Our lecturers follow and apply new and social extra-ordinary trends, but we can only overcome them if you decide to spread the knowledge. Traditional ways, such as reading books and lecturing professors, are extremely important. In today’s age of absolute globalization, without searching for relevant sources on the Internet, attending scientific and professional conferences, and of course, practices, we cannot become good experts. We will help you with that. The Faculty of Social Sciences of Dr Milenko Brkic is located in the heart of Herzegovina, and its lecturers are from Croatia, all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Our programs in all three cycles are also available for part-time study. But in the age of digitalization, our professors and assistants are always with you.

Join us!


Ph. D .. Mary Karačić,
vice dean for education

Study programs conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Milenko Brkic:

Early and Preschool education 

Classroom Teaching

Social Pedagogy



Special Edeucation (with Speech Therapy)

Sociology and Political Science

Information Technology and Communication,

Management and Public Administration


Ecology and Environment

Pedagogy and teaching methods

More about the study programs and directions to ADMISSION .thu